Tango in the Library

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Tango is the most romantic dance form I can think of and there's a whole lot of Tango going on at the Library this month!


Put on your dancing shoes and head for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library on Saturday, January 8th (this Saturday) at 3pm in Room 255!  Jurek Mazur and Company will be presenting a program on the roots of Tango (including demonstrations). 


 Carlos Gardel is known as the most prominent figure in the history of Tango.  Although he died in 1935, his songs and recordings live on and on.  You may recall a famous scene from Scent of a Woman which featured Al Pacino dancing to a Gardel song - Por Una Cabeza.  This video features the original recording of that song.


Cover of The Tango Singer by Tomas Eloy MartinezThe Tango Singer by Tomás Eloy Martínez is a wonderful story about a student seeking out an elusive tango singer in Buenos Aires who has never recorded his voice and who shows up in random parts of the city to sing for whoever happens to be on the street at the time.   It is a quick read and evocative of the tango culture of Argentina.


If you want to learn more about Tango, the website Todo Tango is a great place to get info on historical Tango as well as todays dancers and singers.


To start dancing the Tango yourself and with a partner, we've got some instructional videos that just might help you!  Latin Dancing for Beginners or Learn to Dance in Minutes: Latin Dances are available at libraries all over the city.


Though this film isn't exactly about Tango, Strictly Ballroom is a really great film about ballroom dancing.  Don't expect the usual with this Australian movie by Baz Luhrmann who also made Moulin Rouge and William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.