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You can use all library computers for free, and can print and copy cheaply too.


Library computers offer free internet access, Microsoft Word, Excel, and other software.


You can log in to and reserve these computers with your library account:

  • Log in to any library computer if the screen shows that it is Available.
  • Reserve time on a library computer up to 4 business days in advance with Reserve a Computer.

Most library buildings have separate computer areas for:

  • Teens only
  • Children only
  • Everyone - Technology Center (quiet) and internet Café (not as quiet)

Please read the library's Computer Workstation Rules and the Internet Access Policy before using library computers.



You can print from any library computer.


Printing at San José Public Library branches:

  • Printing costs 15¢ a page up to a $5.00 maximum (or 33 pages) per print job.
  • Pay for your printing with small bills and most coins.

Printing at King Library:

  • Printing costs 20¢ a page.
  • Pay for your printing with a special reusable copy card, bills or coins. Ask at any King Library service desk for information or help.
  • Wireless Printing is available if you are connected to Wifi at King Library.


You can make paper-to-paper black and white photocopies at any library building.


Copying at San José Public Library branches costs 15¢ a copy.


Copying at King Library:

  • Each copy costs 20¢ when you pay with cash or coins.
  • Each copy costs 17¢ when you use a special reusable copy card, not cash. Ask at any service desk for more information.
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