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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley enters a room by slipping UNDER the doorI had heard of Flat Stanley, but never met him until he arrived at my sister's house one day, sent by a mutual friend in New York. Our instructions were to take him around to the iconic sites of San Francisco, photograph him, and then send him back.  We did so, along with my favorite photo taken from the Marin Headlands, where it looks like Flat Stanley is holding up the Golden Gate Bridge.


Flat Stanley's air fare was surprisingly affordable, thanks to the United States Postal Service. How can that be, you ask? Well, Flat Stanley is... very, very flat. In fact, he's as flat as a piece of paper! That makes it easy to slip him and his photos into an envelope.


Many Flat Stanleys travel around the world, sent by schoolchildren to friends, and returning with photographs of his trips. He certainly gets around! (To learn more and view some of these photographs, go to


To discover the real story of this intrepid traveler, read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. You can continue reading about his adventures in the other Flat Stanley books by the same author. Check it out... at San Jose Public Library!

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month! Learn the tips and best practices on how to stay safe by checking out the following titles!



SafetySafety by Liz Gogerly

This book contains helpful advice about staying safe in today's fast-paced world. Learn about the real concerns to pay attention to at various places: at home, at school and more.




SafetyPlay it Safe Online by Phyllis Cornwall

Learn how to avoid certain hazzards and dangers online. This book provides tips and advice on how to remain safe online such as not posting certain pictures, how to limit personal information, choosing secure sites and more.



Traffic SafetyTraffic Safety by Nancy Loewen

Traveling this summer? This book will help you discover common transportation hazards and learn how to avoid or handle them.




Safety at HomeSafety at Home by Mary Lee Knowlton

This book provides helpful tips and advice for kids on how to stay safe at home. Learn how to avoid common home-related accidents and injuries by reading this book.




Safety in Your NeighborhoodSay No and Go: Stranger Safety by Jill Donahue

Even though your neighborhood might appear safe, dangerous incidents may randomly occur. This book will help you know what they are and how to handle them. Learn how to effectively know your neighbors, watch out for strangers and dealing with people at the doorstep.


For more recommendations, please see a Youth Services Librarian at your library.

Magic at the Library!

Magic is at the library! Chiquy Boom brought her silly magic show to Seven Trees Library in June 2013 and made pictures magically appear and disappear in a coloring book. How did she do it? (In July, Chiquy Boom will be perfoming at Biblioteca Branch Library, at the King Library, and at Calabazas Branch Library.) On July 27, Dan Chan, Magic Man will be performing in the Seven Trees Library, inspiring both children and adults with magic, illusions, comedy, juggling, and stunts. (See the SJPL event calendar for dates, times, and locations of more Dan Chan performances.)


But the library isn't just a place to watch magic. It's also a place to learn magic! At Seven Trees and our other SJPL branch libraries you can find some great books to help you learn how to perform your own tricks. Check out a magic book and start learning tricks that will amaze your friends and family.


Book cover for the book Amazing Magic TricksCover image for the book The Jumbo Book of Magic TricksCover image for the book Mind Reading Card TricksCover image for the book Stand-Up Magic and Optical Illusions

Missy Violet & Me

Book cover Missy Violet & MeHere are two very entertaining, short chapter books to cuddle up with on a quiet afternoon.  Start with Missy Violet & Me, and then read the sequel: Letters to Missy Violet.   Viney is an eleven –year- old African American girl living in the Old South of the early 1900’s.  How does Viney spend her summer vacation?  She works for the local midwife, Missy Violet.  Missy Violet is a wise, warm and caring woman who teaches Viney how to collect roots and herbs to use for medicinal purposes.  And Vinebook cover for letters to missy violety is proud and privileged to assist when Missy Violet has to deliver babies ("catchin’ babies") for neighbors.  You will come to love Missy Violet and Viney as they live a life that was typical of the Old South.  A cast of colorful characters, crackling dialogue, humor and memorable events make this book move right along in a rhythmic way.  Before you know it, you will have finished Missy Violet & Me and will be eager to start reading the sequel: Letters to Missy Violet.  These books capture a unique way life that was lived by African Americans in the United States, a long time ago.   

The Case of the Deadly Desperados

Front cover of book has title printed on large black cowboy hatThis book has one of the best openings I have ever read! I was hooked before I turned the first page.


Read The Case of the Deadly Desperados, by Caroline Lawrence, and you, too, can experience the world of the American Frontier in 1862. Join twelve year old P.K. Pinkerton in his attempt to escape from truly dastardly desperados who are after a piece of paper he inherited. Find out about life in Virginia City during the heyday of the silver mines, when people from all over the world came there to find their fortune. Experience the chills and thrills with P.K., who must think like a detective if he is to survive. Enjoy the oddly formalized language used, a special treat for those who liked the book True Grit.


This book is the first in the Western Mysteries series. 

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero book coverFinished with the Percy Jackson series? But dying to read more?  Have no fear, Rick Riordan has written a sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians!  The first book in the Heroes of Olympus series, The Lost Hero, starts off with three kids on a school trip who discover encounter something entirely out of their world.  Leo, Piper, and Jason soon discover that they have a godly parent and are demigods (half-human, half-god).  Although Percy Jackson is not present in the first book, Percy is definitely mentioned and will come back later. They are also three of the seven demigods destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy.  Follow their journey, discover their secrets, and find out what they were born to do; find out in The Lost Hero.


Finished with The Lost Hero? Read the sequels: The Son of Neptune (#2), The Mark of Athena(#3), and The House of Hades (coming Fall 2013) 




Fun Books About Penguins!

Here are some fun books children and their loved ones may enjoy:


I am Small, written and illustrated by Emma Dodd

Penguin and the Cupcake, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires

Penguins, written and illustrated by Liz Pichon


I am Small Book Cover   Penguin and the Cupcake Book CoverPenguins book cover

Mr. Orange

Book Cover of Mister OrangeMr. Orange, written by Dutch author Truus Matti , is historical fiction for Grade 6 and up.  The time is 1943.  The place is Manhattan.  Linus Muller’s eldest brother Albie has enlisted in the U.S. military and is headed to the European front to fight WWII.  Linus takes over Albie’s job of delivering groceries for the Muller family grocery store.  This is Linus’s first real after school job and he is proud to help out the family and do his part for the war effort on the home front.    Linus delivers groceries with a handmade cart on wheels and meets all kinds of customers as he makes his deliveries.  Every other week Linus delivers a crate of oranges to a new customer who lives on 59th street.  This new customer has an accent and a foreign sounding name that is complicated to pronounce and write down, so Linus just calls him "Mr. Orange".  After many deliveries, Linus and Mr. Orange become friends and Linus discovers that Mr. Orange is an artist with great imagination and faith in the future.   In fact, Mr. Orange is Dutch artist Piet Mondrian who moved from Europe to New York in the 1940’s to escape the war . Linus has the rare privilege of witnessing the creation of Mondrian's painting "Victory Boogie Woogie", a painting to celebrate the city of New York, the end of WW II , and the future.  Mr. Orange was awarded a Silver Slate Pencil (a prestigious Dutch award) in 2012. 

Celebrate Children!

All the Colors of the Earth book coverAll the Colors of the Earth, written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka
This book shows paintings of happy children with a variety of skin and hair colors.  This book is also available in eAudiobook format through Overdrive.


Bein' with You This Way book coverBein' With You This Way, written by W. Nikola-Lisa, and illustrated by Michael Bryant
Several children from different backgrounds have a fun time at the park.    This book is also available in Spanish book format and Spanish Kit CD format.


Being Friends Book CoverBeing Friends, written by Karen Beaumont, and illustrated by Joy Allen
Two young girls have some similar interests and some different interests.  They are very good friends, and love to spend time together.


The Colors of Us book coverThe Colors of Us, written and illustrated by Karen Katz
Lena, the young daughter of an artist, has many friends and neighbors, each with differen skin and hair colors.


The Colors of UsI Love My Hair!, written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, and illustrated by E.B. Lewis
A young girl named Keyana loves her hair, because she can wear it in a variety of styles created by her skillful and loving Mom.


This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch, written by Edith Baer, and illustrated by Steve Björkman     
Children all over the world enjoy a variety of foods for lunch with their families and friends.   This book includes three recipes as well as a glossary of different types of food.  


Whoever You Are book coverWhoever You Are, written by Mem Fox, and illustrated by Leslie Staub  
This book shows that children all over the world have many similarities, including loving their families, having emotions, and thinking about the future.    This book is also available in Spanish


Yo! Yes? book coverYo! Yes?, written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
Two boys meet and have a conversation using one word at a time.   This is a fun book for all children, including children learning how to read.   This is a Caldecott Honor book.

April is National Jazz Month

April is National Jazz Month.   Here are some books children and their loved ones may enjoy reading together:

The Candystore Man book coverThe Candystore Man, written by Jonathan London, and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley
In the 1950's, the Candystore Man plays saxophone and sells candy and other treats to the neighborhood children and teens.  If you look closely, you will see a newspaper with the heading "Charlie 'Bird' Parker Dead at Age 35."

Jazz Baby Book CoverJazz Baby, written by Carole Boston Weatherford, and illustrated by Laura Freeman
Young children play a variety of musical instruments, dance, and have fun.

Jazzmatazz! book coverJazzmatazz!, written by Stephanie Calmenson, and illustrated by Bruce Degen
A baby notices a mouse start to play jazz music on the piano.  Dog soon starts to accompany Mouse with his dog bones and bowl.  Who else will join the jam session?

Jazzy Miz Mozetta Book CoverJazzy Miz Mozetta, written by Brenda C. Roberts, and illustrated by Frank Morrison
One evening, Miz Mozetta dresses up in a snazzy red outfit and takes a walk.   While walking, she thinks about dancing again.  What will happen next?

Lookin' For Bird in the Big City book coverLookin' for Bird in the Big City, written by Robert Burleigh, and illustrated by Marek Los
A teenage trumpet player looks for Charlie "Bird" Parker, a famous saxophonist.   This story is inspired by the famous trumpet player Miles Davis.

Rent Party JazzRent Party Jazz, written by William Miller, and illustrated by Charlotte Riley-Webb
Sonny goes to school, works part time, lives in New Orleans in the 1930's.   When Sonny's mom loses her job, Sonny learns about a special way to help out.

Rum-a-Tum-Tum, written by Angela Shelf Medearis, and illustrated by James Ransome
A girl who lives in the French Quarter of New Orleans in the early 1900's observes street vendors selling their goods with poetic and jazzy words.  Whom will she see next?