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CD cover of Putumayo Kids presents African PlaygroundThe library has many groovy music CD’s for children. Introducing music to children can help them learn about rhyme, math, the alphabet, rhythm, dance, and encourage them to develop a sense of self. Through music kids will learn about animals, fruits, vegetables, body parts & movement, nursery rhymes and many cultures.


Here are some of the most remarkable music CD's I have found for children: Putumayo for Kids Collection (music from cultures all over the world), Smithsonian Folkways children's music collection (some oldies but goodies), The Laurie Berkner Band (all original songs about rocket ships, dinosaurs, and more). Just get silly, dance, sing songs, and have fun!


Browse our complete collection


here are some companion books!

Where in the World Is... ? An Online Atlas for SJPL Users

Freckled faced rural girl in front of map of the world in classroom (circa 1960's)Have you ever found yourself looking for a simple map of a country on the internet only to be bombarded by images that were just too complicated or maps that don’t have the basic information you need?


I’m guessing that you already know that being a SJPL card holder has great benefits. One of them you might not know about is access to World Book Encyclopedia for Students and its online atlas. The maps are straightforward and easy to search and many of the larger country and state maps include population density, temperature, precipitation and economic and political data as well. I travel to India every year and sometimes I simply want to know where one of India's 28 states is located or some basic information about just how rainy it will be during monsoon.  It's simple and it works.


So the next time you’re curious about places like IrelandTasmania or Mozambique and you don’t have time to plow through Wikipedia or an image search -- just head to World Book Student with your library card number and PIN and explore the world!

Getting Ready for School? Check Us Out!

Are you getting your child ready for school? Or are you wondering what this school year will bring? Or are you already worried about the afterschool struggle with homework? Well, there's help for you! We have a collection especially geared for the needs of children and parents and school. The collection includes test prep guides, workbooks for math and English, and books on how to help your child succeed at school. The collection is called the Educational Resource Center.


Two series titles that introduce what content each grade is likely to cover are:

Book cover of What Your First Grader Needs to KnowBook cover of Everything Your 1st Grader Needs to Know

Making the Grade: Everything Your 1st Grader Needs to Know

and What Your First Grader Needs to Know.



In the collection, we also have some very popular workbooks on various subjects by the publisher Spectrum. Some examples are the Math and Test workbooks:

Book cover of Spectrum Math Grade 4

Spectrum Math Grade 4

and Spectrum California Test Practice Grade 4


We also have the Scholastic Explains Homework Series which is excellent to use in helping your child with particular subjects. There is the Scholastic Explains Writing Homework and the Scholastic Explains Reading Homework which explains English homework so well.


For general guides on helping your child with homework, there are:Book cover of 20-minute Learning ConnectionBook cover of How to Help Your Child with Homework


How to Help Your Child with Homework by Jeanne Schumm

and 20-minute Learning Connection by Douglas B. Reeves.


The last series that I would like to recommend to help children with reading is called Comprehension and Critical Thinking, a compendium of articles from Time for Kids. There are six titles in the series for grades 1-6.

Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 6 Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 5 Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 4Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 3Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 2 Book cover of Comprehension and Critical Thinking Grade 1

Teaching Young Children About Friendship and Tolerance

Book cover of Cat and Mouse in the SnowOnce again, world news has focused on a terrorist act, this time in Norway. The alleged shooter believes that his country should not tolerate anyone who comes to live there from mid-east countries. How do parents respond to such news?


One way is to be sure to teach young children about friendship and tolerance. Materials that can be checked out from the San José Public Library can aid in illustrating this lesson. I would like to highlight three books that can be used for this important task.


Margaret and Margarita, Margarita y Margaret is a picture book by Lynn Reiser that is in both English and Spanish. It is about two children that meet at a park. Although they do not speak each other's language, they have a great time and look forward to playing together in the park again.


Book cover of And to Think That We Thought That We'd Never Be FriendsCat and Mouse, written by Tomek Bogacki, is the first in a series of picture books featuring the title characters. In this book, a kitten and a young mouse become friends, not knowing that they are supposed to be enemies. Their siblings also meet, and all play happily together.


And to Think That We Thought That We'd Never Be Friends was written by Mary Ann Hoberman and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. Starting with the children of one family and ending with the entire world, people discover how quickly they can end an argument and learn to be friends.


Come to your local public library and check out the resources available to parents and caregivers about teaching tolerance and friendship to young children!

Meet Squish!

Book cover of Babymouse:  Mad ScientistSquish is an amoeba who first appears in Babymouse: Mad Scientist, written by sister and brother team Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm. Squish also appears in his own series, starting with volume one, Squish, Super Amoeba. These kid friendly graphic novels are great for readers of all ages, especially elementary school students.



Book cover of Squish:  Super AmoebaDo you want to learn more? Please visit the following websites:




Jennifer Holm

Matthew Holm


In addition to reading graphic novels, do you like to create your own graphic novels? If so, please check out our Graphic Novel Making Contest. Happy reading, writing and drawing!

Fun Things To Do in July

Corduroy Goes to the Library book coverLike most parents, I have already signed up my children for the summer reading program.  My soon to be second grader wants to know "what else is going on at the library where you work, Mom."  While I jot down a list of fun things for her and her little sister to do at the Tully Library, I thought I'd share it with the rest of the parents in this community.


At the top of my list is the For Goodness Snakes program.  I hosted this program last year and everyone was absolutely fascinated with these amazing creatures.  It was wonderful to see both children and adults interacting with these fearsome looking, but quite gentle animals.  This is one program that Natalie will not miss this year!


There are four more items on that list of mine.  For my youngest daugher, I have the Music & Movement program to keep her entertained.  I also include Monsters of the World just in case Natalie likes to be scared a little.  For the family, the Kids in the Kitchen and the Spectacular Smoothie programs will be fun and educational at the same time.  Hopefully, everyone will learn to make healthier snacks after these workshops.


If you haven't signed up for tons of activities for your children already this summer, please check out these fun and free programs at your local library.

More eBooks for Kids!

BookFlix is a new digital collection of animated books and games for kids grades K through 3. You can watch animated storybooks, read books online, and play fun educational games. Both classic fictional video storybooks from Weston Woods and non-fiction eBooks are available. Try it out and let us know what you think in a comment!

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Let's Play Parenting Bingo!

Book cover of The Big Book Parenting SolutionsWhat's that and how do you play?  At least once or twice a year, the Family Learning Center at Tully Library offers these fun opportunities for parents to fine-tune their parenting skills and enjoy the whole experience while they are doing it.  This year, the program will take place on Thursday, June 23 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  How often do you have the opportunity to share your woes with total strangers and have the support and advice from people who may have the same experiences as you? 


So, don't miss out on this opportunity!  Come and join in the fun!  We have prizes waiting to be won, courtesy of the Friends of the Tully Library.


Chơi Bingo Để Biết Thêm về Cách Giáo Dục Con Cái.  Chúng ta vừa học hỏi, vừa chơi và vừa có thể thắng được quà!


¡Ven a aprender abilidades de crianza mientras que usted juega! Los premios serán proporcionados por los Amigos de la Biblioteca.

Hãy Quyến Khích Các Em Đọc Sách Vào Mùa Nghỉ Hè!

Children summer reading flyer Teens summer reading flyerAdults Click Here

Chủ đề cho Chương Trình Đọc Sách Vào Mùa Hè năm nay là "Một Thế Giới, Nhiều Mẫu Chuyện".  Cũng như mọi năm, chúng ta cố gắng thi đua đọc thật nhiều sách để được tặng nhiều quà.  Đây là một khích lệ nho nhỏ dành riêng cho các tí hon để tập cho các em thú đọc sách. 


Năm nay, Chương Trình Đọc Sách Vào Mùa Hè sẽ bắt đầu Ngày 18 Tháng 6 và kết thúc Ngày 30 Tháng 7.  Từ già đến trẻ, tất cả mọi người đều có thể tham gia.  Xin quý vị phụ huynh và quý ông bà làm cái gương sáng cho các em nôi theo.  Quý vị hãy ghi danh đọc sách và hãy quyến khích các em ghi danh và đem các em đến Thư Viện để tham gia những buổi trình diễn hoặc chương trình đặc sắc và nhiều thú vị của mùa hè năm nay!

Teaching Young Children about Peace

cover of The Peace Book, showing the earth surrounded by childrens' facesDuring this time when terrorism is back in the news, I have been thinking about the concepts of peace and friendship. How does someone teach a young child about peace, and the idea that all people can learn to get along? Sharing picture books is one way to do this. The San José Public Library has some excellent materials that can be checked out on these topics. Here are three recomendations.


For the very young child, Baby Faces by Margaret Miller is a good choice. Infants enjoy seeing pictures of babies, and this small book has photographs of babies of different nationalities. As children grow, they might enjoy We All Sing with the Same Voice, by J. Philip Miller. It is based on a Sesame Street song, showing that children around the world are alike at heart. My third recommendation is The Peace Book by Todd Parr. Brightly colored drawings illustrate various peaceful activities, such as learning a new language, making friends, and sharing a meal.


Bring the concepts of peace and friendship to your young child by checking out one or all of these books from San José Public Library!