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Change a Life; Give the Gift of Reading

A Partners in Reading Tutor and Learner Study Together What would your life be like if you couldn't read directions or a map? What if you couldn't help your children with homework or fill out a form at the doctor office?


Would you like to volunteer your time to help adults build literacy skills? Partners in Reading, a service of the San Jose Public Library, is looking for volunteers to meet twice a week at a library to help adults improve basic reading and writing skills. All volunteers will attend an orientation and two Saturdays of training before being matched.


The next orientation and training will be on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, Saturday, February 1, and Saturday, February 8, 2014. You can choose to work with an individual or a small group of adult learners. For more information about how to sign up, please visit Partners in Reading or call 1-408-808-2361.

Join Partners in Reading

Partners in Reading (PAR) is the adult literacy program of the San Jose Public Library. Following is some information for new volunteers and for adults who need help with reading, writing, communication, and computer skills.


Imagine that you could not read a medicine label. What problems do you think might happen as a result?


Image Woman Reading a Medicine Label


Consider becoming a volunteer tutor to help change someone’s life, quite possibly your own. Become a volunteer tutor and work with an individual or a small group to tutor basic literacy skills. The next orientation and training begin on March 13, 2013. The 90-minute orientation is followed by two all-day training sessions at the King Library on Saturday, March 16 and Saturday, March 23.


The next learner orientation for adults who want to be part of PAR’s regular tutoring program for basic literacy will be on Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Learners need to be over 18, live or work in San Jose, read or write below the 9th grade level, and be able to make a 6-month commitment.


Image A Tutor and Learning Studying Together


For information about any of these opportunities and to sign up, please call (408) 808-2361. You can also find out more about Partners in Reading by visiting us online.

Two New Classes for Partners in Reading

Partners in Reading has two new classes. If you are an adult, think about taking these two classes. They start in January, 2013 and will meet two times a week for 90 minutes each on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the King Library.


  • Spelling is Fun from 9:00 am to 10:30 am
  • ESL Writing Class from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm


Contact PAR for orientation information and to sign up. The classes will be from January 8 to April 4, 2013. They will give you a lot of practice so that you can be a more independent writer. You will be confident that what you write is correct and easy to understand. You can sign up for one or both classes. Call (408) 808-2361 to find out more.


Students in a classroom writing

Change Your Life by Helping an Adult Read and Write Better

PAR Tutor and Learners Improving Reading and Writing

These words are from a current Partners in Reading tutor who is trying to encourage her neighbors to take a chance and become a volunteer. Would you like to do that too?


The Partners in Reading program of the San Jose Public Library is having a tutor shortage.

They currently have over 25 learners waiting and the list keeps growing.

A tutor training is scheduled for mid-July but they are not expecting nearly enough tutors to go around.

This is an amazing program that trains volunteer tutors to help adults learn to read.
Can you imagine

  • not being able to read job notices, let alone fill out a job application?
  • not being able to take the driving test to get a driver license?
  • not being able to read bedtime stories to your children or grandchildren?

In 3 hours a week for six months (or more), you can help change someone's life.

You'll have an evening of orientation and two days of training, where you will learn and practice recommended teaching methods from expert teachers. You will learn about the tutoring experience, so you will be well-prepared when you meet your learner.

What kinds of people seek help from this adult literacy program?

  • a refugee who was a teacher in her country. Her spoken English is adequate, but she needs to improve her vocabulary to return to teaching
  • a retiree who wants to pass her GED
  • an SJ native who wants to be more confident writing emails and staying current with his job skills, to help make sure he keeps his job
  • adult dyslexics who were in school before support systems for learning disabilities were in place

You would meet with your learner at the King Library or a branch library. Study rooms can be reserved for privacy at a time convenient for you and your learner.

This can be a fantastic experience for you, as you share your love of words and reading, and find out what your learner can teach you! Also, if you prefer, you can tutor a small group of learners who are at similar levels working on the same goals.

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, see - to sign up, contact  (408) 808-2361 or email

Don't delay, the next training session begins July 18th, 2012!!

Partners in Reading Volunteers Complete Tutor Training

Photo: Tutor and Learner Work Together on ReadingOn December 10, eleven new volunteers completed tutor training and have been matched with adults who read or write below the high school level. We hope they enjoy their tutoring experience, because they will be helping adults build literacy skills while becoming more involved in the community. You can become a volunteer tutor as well. Just call Partners in Reading (PAR) at (408) 808-2361 to learn more. The next orientation will be February 1. Many adults are waiting for your help to read the newspaper, register to vote, fill out job applications, and read to a child. You can also visit our website for more information.


For more information about how tutoring can help adults, read this December 15, 2011 San Jose Mercury News article about a learner who is overcoming some difficult obstacles while working on her reading and writing.

Change a Life - Give the Gift of Reading

Partners in Reading Tutor and Learner

You can help an adult improve reading and writing skills by becoming a volunteer tutor. Being a tutor is rewarding and exciting because you will open doors for an adult who will be able to do more.


Almost half of adults in the U. S. have some type of reading or writing problem that prevents them from functioning effectively at home, at work, and in the community. Partners in Reading is welcoming a new group of enthusiastic volunteer tutors who are being trained to work with adults with limited literacy. The volunteers will help adults read to their children, read directions on medicine bottles, and write grocery lists, among many other goals. They will help adults get jobs and do their jobs better. To join the next Partners in Reading tutor training, please call (408) 808-2361 or visit the Partners in Reading office on the first floor of the King Library. You can also learn more about Partners in Reading on our website.