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Warp Speed by Lisa Yee

Book cover of Warp SpeedWarp Speed by Lisa Yee will surely resonate with anyone who was ever a victim, bystander, bully, or "upstander." As a parent volunteer for Project Cornerstone, I found this title especially relevant to upper elementary and middle school kids.


Marley, as you can tell by the title, is a big fan of Star Trek. As any kid will tell you, being a fan of Star Trek, or Star Wars, or comic books, instantly places you in the outskirts of popularity at any school. Marley has saved up all his pennies to make the big annual Star Trek convention in Los Angeles, which is twenty minutes from where he lives. However, a Turkey Trot and Emily (from So Totally Emily Ebers) conspire to change all of his plans.


Marley is now fighting a battle he made by standing up for his friend, Ramen, who Marley says is "not his friend." He battles the Gorn by reaching "warp speed" every day after school, until the day he is caught. In a dress. Meanwhile, he must also kowtow to the immensely unlikeable Digger Ronster, who is another kind of bully. But, does the red-haired roadrunner, Digger, have his secrets, too? You betcha!


You will see some recurring characters from Yee's other Rancho Rosetta (otherwise known as South Pasadena) characters: Stanford Wong, Emily Ebers, and Millicent Min. Check out those titles (Millicent Min, Girl Genius, Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time, and So Totally Emily Ebers.) as well!

Third Grade Baby

Book cover of Third Grade BabyBaby teeth are causing Polly Peterson so many problems. She is the only one in her third grade class who hasn’t lost at least one baby tooth!  Everyone in her class discovers this fact when the teacher prepares a chart showing how many baby teeth each student has lost. The chart doesn’t even have a column for zero baby teeth lost, so the teacher makes one just for Polly.


Then when Polly finally loses a baby tooth, she must decide if she should leave it for the Tooth Fairy.  Do third graders still believe in the Tooth Fairy or is it only for babies? All of her problems are complicated even further when the new boy in third grade, Zachary Brown, begins teasing Polly. Soon the whole class starts calling her “Babyteeth.”


Polly in turn finds ways to tease and embarrass Zachary, but then notices that he never plays with anyone during recess. She at least has her two best friends, Amelia and Oliver, who try to make her feel better. Polly begins to realize that both she and Zachary need to behave differently. Can they find a way to get along?


Read Third Grade Baby by Jenny Meyerhoff to learn what really is most important to Polly.