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Choose Privacy IconRecent events in the news have invited a renewed and urgent national dialogue about the balance between national security and the privacy rights of American citizens.

Libraries should be and are at the center of this discussion. Article III of the American Library Association's Code of Ethics reads: 

"We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted." 


Library users can learn more about how libraries work to protect your privacy rights at ALA's ilovelibraries site.'s purpose is to keep the public informed about the things libraries are doing.  Choose Privacy Week was founded by the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom in 2010 and occurs every year in May.


Book cover of Real Heroes Don't Wear CapesEthan loved to bounce on his pogo stick and he was also a trivia nut. He loved to read, so he checked out every book in the library on pogo sticks. One day he found out about Boyd "Boing" Bower who traveled across the U.S. using a pogo stick. Boyd immediately became Ethan's hero. Ethan determined to bring fame to Boyd's achievement. Read the book to learn how Ethan discovered that Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes.


You can learn about heroes through books found in the library. One book which is not too hard to read is: Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott



cover of book  Another book, The Children's Book of Heroes, edited by William J. Bennett, comprises of real and fictional heroic deeds, and is a delight to read.  It is illustrated on every page, and that enhances the characteristics of each hero portrayed.