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Homeless for Christmas

homeless man on bench in snowThe Homeless Access to Recovery through Treatment (HART) Act (H.R. 4129) seeks to strengthen and expand substance abuse and mental health services to persons experiencing homelessness.


Among surveyed homeless people, 39 percent have some form of mental health problem, and SAMHSA estimates that between 20 percent and 25 percent meet criteria for serious mental illness. In addition, 38 percent of surveyed homeless people have an alcohol problem, and 26 percent report problems with other drugs. Untreated addictions and mental illnesses present serious barriers to employment and permanent housing, perpetuating an ever-worsening cycle of poor physical health, hospitalization, social dysfunction, incarceration, poverty, and homelessness. These are tragic outcomes for homeless persons and their families; burdens on healthcare, social service, and corrections systems; and costs to taxpayers as quoted on


San Jose Public Library:


Treatment Information:


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2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary award winner: Even the Dogs

cover: Even the dogs


Even the Dogs: a novel by John McGregor

In the days between Christmas and New Year’s, police break into an empty inner city apartment in an unnamed English city and find a decaying body.  What happened before and after is narrated by friends of the deceased man, a chorus of drug addicts, the mentally ill, and the homeless who take turns observing the investigation, inquest and cremation at a distance.  The story proceeds in bits and pieces as we enter the lives of society’s outcasts who eke out a miserable and hopeless existence  waiting for food and the next drug high, estranged from families, dependent on charity and public assistance.   Even the dogs is  powerful, insightful  but a difficult book to read.



Every year San Jose Public Library, along with libraries throughout the world, nominates titles for the Impac Dublin award. The 2013 long list of nominations will be released in November. A  panel of judges selects a shortlist of ten titles which is announced in April 2013. The finalist is announced in June.   The 2013 Award will be given for a work of fiction published in English between 1st January 2011 and 31st December 2011,

Homeless Services in San Jose

Photo of San Jose City Hall Rotunda

There are many services available to the Homeless Community here in the City of San José. The City Website provides excellent resources to the community and here are some direct links to the services:

- Housing for Families with Children

- Domestic Violence, Family & Children Issues

- Drop-In Day-Time Service Center

- Housing for Single Men and Women

- Rental and Other Assistance

- Mental Health and Recovery Programs

- Veterans Services

- Legal Referrals

- Food and Meals

- Youth Services

- Job Services

- VTA Services

- 2-1-1