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Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan

Book cover of Wanting MorFrom the beginning of this book, readers are quickly drawn into the world of post-Taliban Afghanistan as they follow the life of a young girl named Jameela. Mor, which means Mother in Pushto, taught Jameela how to care for a house and to observe Muslim traditions. She wears her porani, a shawl type head covering, and always performs her prayers. When Mor dies Jameela is left in the care of her father. Unfortunately he is not the typical caring father; he doesn’t have a job and has other bad habits.


Jameela and her father, whom she calls Baba, travel to Kabul from their very small village; there he hopes to find a job. Rather than a job, Baba finds another family. Jameela tries her best to be helpful to her new stepmother, but nothing she does satisfies her. Jameela hears her father and stepmother arguing about her.  What happens next between Jameela and her father is almost unbelievable, but since this story is based on real life it reminds us that things like this happen.


It was difficult for me to put this book down; I was anxious to find out what happened to Jameela. As I followed her through all her ups and downs I was cheering her on, wishing I could help her as she adjusts to her new life. I enthusiastically recommend Wanting Mor by Rukhsana Khan.


This book is based on real events which took place after the 2001 American invasion of Afghanistan. 

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