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Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown

Second Grade Rules book coverSecond Grade Rules, Amber Brown by Paula Danzinger


Amber Brown is in second grade.  She is good with racing, and has no problem with following the second grade rules such as Always be respectful, Be on time, Do your own work, Never say "I can't", and Always say "I'll try."  Until one day, her teacher, Ms. Light adds a new rule "You have to keep your desks clean", then, Amber Brown starts to have real trouble.  Mrs. Light tells the class that the desk fairy Deskarina (cousin of the tooth fairy) will come to their classroom every once in a while; she will leave treats and a Clean Desk Award-a shiny blue ribbon-on all the neat desks.


After seeing that her classmates, one by one, all got an award from Deskarina, Amber decides to make efforts throwing things out, one thing every day. But then, she puts two more things in.  She is having real problem cleaning her desk.  Then her mom tells her to practice the cleaning job on her room.  Her mom says it would be a treat for mom if they could find the floor in that room sometimes.  Then Amber tries to work harder cleaning her desk during free time, and she keeps working at cleaning, until one day she figures out the best way to clean and organize her desk.  Finally, one day, when she gets to her classroom, she discovers that Deskarina left her a...treat and a...ribbon.  Amber Brown is so happy and so proud.


The conclusion of the book is funny because Amber Brown, after all, still has problem finding a space on her bulletin board in her room to put that ribbon...

Rick is Sick

book cover picture


When Rick is sick, his friend Jack comes to visit him and tries to help him in many different ways.  The book shows you how to help a friend when that friend gets sick.  It also shows you how to make a Friendship Award.


Written by author-Illustrator David McPhail.  Ages:  Preschool-K-1st grade

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