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The Plastic Shopping Bag Ordinance and You!

If you shop in the City of San Jose, beginning January 1, 2012 (that's about 4 months away) there will no longer be disposable plastic bags for your merchandise.  That means you will need to bring your own bags to put your groceries or other purchases in. 


Plastic bags are a convenience that just isn't worth the price on the environment.  Did you know that plastic bags are the most commonly found items during creek clean-ups or that Californians use 4 million plastic bags a year?   Plastic bags are considered to be dangerous to over 260 species of wildlife including sea turtles who mistake the bags in the ocean for jellyfish and then try to eat them.  Swapping out plastic bags for reusable ones is a change that everyone can easily make!


What can you do to get ready for the change?



Recycle your plastic grocery bags by turning them into "yarn" that you can then use to crochet a reusable shopping bag. This is recycling/reuse at its finest. I've made a couple of these myself - they are quick to make and they are flexible and strong!  This video shows you how to do it!


Purchase bags at your local store.   They are only a few dollars and if you start now buying one a week, you'll easily have enough for your weekly grocery run before the ordinance goes into effect.


Check out the book bags the library friends sell!  These bags are built for toting books, but they'll carry your canned goods and loaves of bread just as easily.  And you'll be supporting the library as well!

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