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Who What Wear by Olivia Bennett

Emma Rose continues her adventures as Allegra Biscotti in Who What Wear (AR 7.0, Level 4.8) by Olivia Bennett. Order this title through Link+.


In an earlier blog, I mentioned the first title in this series, The Allegra Biscotti Collection. Not quite as suspenseful as the first title, Who What Wear examines Emma's fraying relationship with her best friend, Holly. Will Emma's Allegra adventures further push Holly towards Holly's new friends? Will Holly finally find out Emma's secret?


The central problem in this title revolves around Emma trying to provide a dress for a sweet sixteen party for a prominent and popular high-schooler, who is a friend of Holly's sister. The problem? The interfering mother who wants a horrendous dress! Emma is told that she must cater to the mother, who is paying for the dress. The very idea of creating a hideous dress is appalling to Emma, however. How can she resolve her own ethics with the ethics of the fashion industry? Find out in this good sequel!