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Don't Bargain With The Tooth Fairy!: 44 Ridiculous Rules Every Kid Should Know

Don't Bargain With the Tooth Fairy book cover"#1.  Don't leave your stuff all over the house.  Instead, put it in a big pile in the middle of the living room.  That way you'll know where everything is."


And so begins the book, Don't Bargain With the Tooth Fairy.  From there, the author leads you to 43 more funny "rules" and unlimited fun.  With descriptive pictures on every page, it's guaranteed to make you laugh.


Suitable for kids of grades 3 and up. 


Suitable for mommies, daddies, and teachers too.   You can lol (laugh out loud) or giggle or chortle with yourself, to yourself, and by yourself, to release the pressure caused by...a day with-or without-the kids.


Written by Deborah Zemke.

The Class Trip

book coverSam and his classmates are going to the zoo for a school field trip.  Sam is having so much fun that at one point in time he loses track of his group.  Lucky for him, his teacher wears something that's noticeable from afar, a hat with a polka-dot bow.


This book rhymes from page to page, and this rhyming will help to make the book an easy read for young readers.  That's why I really enjoy The Class Trip by Grace Maccarone.