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Done with Divergent? Satisfied Your Appetite for Hunger Games?

Dystopian Teen Fiction Just For You!

Cover for DivergentCover for The Hunger GamesCover for Catching FireCover for City of Bones


After reading and watching the latest teen book-to-movie success you might be feeling a little unsure about what lies in store for your future. Your reading future that is.


Well fear not! Here's a list of books that you'll be sure to enjoy. Whether it's the plot, characters or dystopian setting that you loved most, you'll get a kick out of comparing it all between these books and your favorite teen novel/movie.



Some of My Favorites:

Cover for MatchedIn Divergent you are matched with factions, in Matched, you are paired with another person. See how it all plays out in Matched by Ally Condie, where society is tightly controlled by its government.




Cover for the TestingThe Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

In this post-war barren landscape, those who are allowed to participate in rebuilding the society are those that pass "the test" and make it into the elite university.




Cover for Starters

Like more Sci-Fi? Try Starters by Lissa Price. In this post-war society where money is tight, you can rent your body to other people. Giving up control of your own body through a neurochip in your brain sounds harmless enough, until someone with evil plans rents Callie's body. Will she be able to regain control and stop the crime before it happens?



Cover for EnclaveEnclave by Ann Aguirre

What if your only worldview was from living below the surface of the earth? What if you had never seen daylight before? Then you might be living in Ann Aguirre's post-apocalyptic society in an enclave underground, presumably in what used to be the sewer. The elders keep a strict order on the underground society and claim it is what keeps everyone safe and surviving. When Deuce, a huntress, and her partner go out on a mission and find that a neighboring enclave has been decimated, she begins to question the wisdom of the elders. Find out what adventure awaits Deuce when she gets kicked out of the enclave and must survive "topside" with her partner Fade.



Cover for FeedIf you think we live in a technology-dependent society, just imagine if smartphone-like technology was implanted directly into your brain and delivered a constant supply of information every waking moment! Who controls your "feed" and what happens when you begin to reject it, or it rejects you? Find out in Feed by M.T. Anderson!



Cover for LegendLegend by Marie Lu

Two prodigies--both equally smart--born into very different layers of society. What happens when one is trained to hunt and find the other, who is considered an enemy of the state? What these characters recognize about each other and about themselves is really what drives the story in this military government controlled society.




More To Try:

   Cover for VariantCover for Blood REd RoadCover for the Bar Code TattooCover for Under the Never SkyCover for DeliriumCover for GracelingCover for Life as We Knew ItCover for the Age of MiraclesCover for After the SnowCover for Monument 14Cover for SafekeepingCover for Shatter me  



Which one do you think will hit the big screen first?

Pulling Princes by Tyne O'Connell

Cover of Pulling Princes

Pulling Princes by Tyne O'Connell caught my eye initially in the book, Royal MatchRoyal Match is a reconfigured book that includes the first two titles in the Calypso Chronicles:  Pulling Princes and Stealing Princes, which you can find on Link+.


If you are a fan of Louise Rennison's character, Georgia Nicholson, you may enjoy the British colloquialisms that run rampant.  I enjoy reading books where characters are thrown into totally alien situations.  I expected to see many funny situations with the main character, Calypso, who is from Los Angeles.  However, Calypso has lived at the British boarding school for a few years, so the "fish out of water" humor never quite materializes.  In fact, Calypso actually seems to use British slang, though she claims to have an American accent.


Calypso is an outsider at the posh boarding school, along with her best friend, Star.  However, a fake boyfriend leads to opportunities and problems that she never foresaw.  A gifted fencer, she soon finds that her hobby leads to the best opportunity of all!

Sheba Karim, Author of Skunk Girl

Skunk Girl Book CoverOn Wednesday March 21, Sheba Karim, author of Skunk Girl visited the Edenvale Branch Library.   Teens and adults listened to her read excerpts of Skunk Girl as well as excerpts of one of her short stories.   Sheba spoke about many topics, including her childhood, her teen years, and her path to becoming a writer.   People who came to this presentation asked many interesting questions which Sheba was happy to answer.   This event was part of Silicon Valley Reads.   There are several more Silicon Valley Reads  events taking place in March and April.    For more information, check out the Silicon Valley Reads website.

If you haven't yet read Skunk Girl, visit the library to check out a copy.  You're in for a treat!   If you have read and enjoyed Skunk Girl, you may also enjoy Does My Head Look Big in This? and Ten Things I Hate about Me, both written by Austrailan author Randa Abdel-Fattah.


Happy Reading!  


Divergent coverDivergent is set in Chicago in the future.  Society has split into five different factions that all have different beliefs as to what caused the downfall of the world as we know it today. The Candor believes the fault lies with deceitfulness, and believes in always telling the truth, no matter the consequences. The Erudite believes the faults lies with ignorance, and are always striving to be educated. The Amity blames conflict, and always strives to keep the peace. The Dauntless blames cowardice, and always try to be brave. And the Abnegation believes it was selfishness that was to blame, and so they put the needs of other before their own.


Beatrice Pryor has to make a decision that will forever change her life.  Should she stay with her family in her faction and remain a member of the selfless Abnegation, or should she leave behind the lifestyle that she struggles to achieve for something different.  She has always been fascinated with the displays of courage by the Dauntless, but is that the right place for her?


This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys stories like  The Hunger Games or Legend set in a dystopian future.  Read it now before the sequel Insurgent comes out this May.

Dystopian Fiction: May I please have my body back?

Unwind Book CoverIn a bleak future, parents can choose to have their 13-17 year old offspring “unwound.”  Unwinding is the process of surgically harvesting all body parts for use in other people.    Some brave teens who are scheduled to be unwound decide to run away in order to save their own lives and choose their own destinies.    Will they make it?   Will they be caught?   Read Unwind by Neal Shusterman  in order to find out!


If you enjoyed the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, or the movie The Island you are likely to enjoy Unwind, which is also available in book cd format.    The sequel to Unwind is UnWholly.  






Starters Book CoverSixteen-year-old Callie, her seven-year-old brother Tyler, and their good friend Michael are homeless orphans who eke out a living the best they can.  One day Callie finds out about a company called Prime Destinations, where she has the potential to earn a lot of money.   All Callie has to do is to rent out her body to three very rich elderly people, who can pretend to be young again for a period of time.   After three rentals, Callie will have enough money to provide a home and food for her brother and their friend.  It sounds simple; however, Callie finds out that nothing is as simple as it seems.   Check out Starters by Lissa Price to find out what happens.   

If you enjoyed Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Airhead by Meg Cabot, Eva by Peter Dickinson, or Uglies by Scott Westerfeld you are likely to enjoy Starters which is also available in book cd format, OverDrive ebook format, and Axis360 ebook format.  

Have you finished reading 'The Fault in Our Stars'?

And are you sad that you finished the story already? Want to hear more about Hazel, Augustus and a lot about writing the story from John Green?

Well, John has set up a tumblr where you get answers to all kinds of questions:


And as the link says: only if you finished tfios! There are a lot of spoilers and who want's to spoil a great story?

But if you have finished the book and want to know more: the password is Darnielle

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