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Brent Crawford’s Carter Finally Gets It

Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford will amuse teens with all of the normal pitfalls of high school life.  Carter’s voice is genuine and hilarious. Teens will recognize themselves in some of Carter’s situations. This comedy will leave you in stitches! 


I’m not thinking at all when I take the first step toward greatness.

I hit the air brakes.  I press the chicken button as hard as I can.  But gravity has my number and it’s calling.  I flex every muscle in my body trying to stop.  Pam’s squeal turns into a terrified scream.

A familiar voice yells, “Oh, God!”

The voice is my own, and this is going to be bad.  I hear more screams from the onlookers, and then all sounds are downed out by the SSMMAAACKK!!!

My face hits the water the exact moment my chest, stomach, thighs, and feet smack down.  Perfectly level.  Arms out, legs spread like an inverted, retarded snow angel in the middle of summer.


Will Carter, aka Carter, humorously entertains with his adventures in freshman year of high school. 


Despite being one of the most popular guys in school, Carter seems oblivious to his popularity; he thinks about his stuttering and ADD all the time.  In order to fit in, he fills a beer bottle with Mountain Dew because he doesn’t care for the taste of beer.  Finally, he tries out for the school play, where he finally seems to find his voice.