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Image: Fuzzy demonstrates his winning form in this shot from 1965. Photo courtesy of the United States Bowling Congress.
Last month we explored the phenomenon of the once popular bowling alley disappearing from the San Jose landscape. This month we recognize local bowling legend Rokuro “Fuzzy” Shimada. Fuzzy was the sixth son of a Japanese immigrant, and came from a large sports-loving family. Born in Vacaville on October 26,1921, Fuzzy was given the name Rokuro, with “roku” being Japanese for the number six. In the fall of 1936, the Shimada’s moved to Santa Clara. The family leased property and grew strawberries on Reed Avenue near what is now Lawrence Expressway. Image: Looking down Reed Avenue west of Lawrence Expressway,...Read more...
Have you ever seen one of these peculiar-looking towers in Santa Clara County? Some of you might know what these are, but others might have no idea what they're looking at. If you'd like to find out more - read on! These ancient towers are actually air raid sirens. Back during the Cold War era, the Civil Defense Department installed a total of 130 sirens throughout the County, with 55 of them being located in San Jose. The sirens were installed with the intention of alerting people of oncoming danger, which is quite an alarming thought when you think about...Read more...